Your South Africa trip. Your Local Mentor.

Stay Safe & Brave connects brave travelers with their personal local contact!
Whether alone or perhaps with your best friend – you want to organize your trip yourself and decide freely and spontaneously what you want to discover. With Stay Safe & Brave you can venture into your adventure! The rainbow nation of South Africa is already waiting for you! Your Local mentor is there for you and looks forward to getting to know you! What are you waiting for?

Become a Local Mentor.

You want to become a Local Mentor? Amazing!
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Find your Local Mentor.

Your Local Mentor will support you throughout your whole journey!
Choose your desired package according to your needs from three options (Basic, Standard & Premium). Those include the following components:

*These services are not bookable and these are still indicative prices.

Services in detail.

Information package for travel preparation as a pdf document.
The Stay Safe & Brave South Africa information package contains extensive information for your travel preparations. This includes: information and safety instructions about South Africa, visa information, itinerary recommendations, a checklist before departure and a packing list. Have you ever heard of the “Krisenvorsorgeliste”? After reading you will know everything! When you make your booking, you will have direct access to the information package as a pdf document.

Introductory video call with the Local Mentor.
Your Local Mentor will be informed about your booking and will contact you to arrange a first video call to get to know each other within 45 minutes.

Comfort-contact with Local Mentor.
From four weeks before your arrival in South Africa you will receive the WhatsApp contact details of your Local Mentor, who will be available to answer any questions you may have. Need help with your itinerary? Would you like tips on what to book in advance and what to book on site? Your Local Mentor is available for you during your trip (up to four weeks from arrival). If questions arise or you don’t know what to do in a difficult situation, you can contact your Local Mentor at any time. You will receive an answer as quickly as possible and no later than the next day.

Get-ready video call the day before arrival with the Local Mentor.
How excited are you on a scale of 1 to 10 the day before your arrival? Have you packed everything and thought of everything? During your Get-ready video call the day before you arrive, within 20 minutes you can clarify any final questions with your Local Mentor and look forward to your travel adventure!

Welcoming at the airport by the Local Mentor.
Welcome to South Africa! After you land, your Local Mentor will be in the arrivals hall waiting for you! Whether by rental car, bus or Uber – your Local Mentor will help you organise your preferred form of transport from the airport to your accommodation, withdraw/exchange cash or buy a suitable local SIM card. Driving a car on the left for the first time? Your Local Mentor will be happy to help you find your way around the rental car before you set off.

Personal meeting with the Local Mentor on arrival day.
Depending on your arrival time, you will meet your Local Mentor on the same day or the following day in a nice café, restaurant or even in a park. Let your Local Mentor know what you feel like doing the most! Within two hours you have time to get to know each other personally and to exchange ideas and get rid of all questions. Where can I find the best ATM? Where do I buy bus tickets? In which corners should I rather take a taxi in the evening? Which is the best local restaurant? You say goodbye when you know everything you need to know to start your self-organized adventure! Take a picture of yourselves and post it on Instagram under #staysafeandbrave!

Sightseeing tour of the city by the Local Mentor.
Immediately after your personal meeting, your Local Mentor will take you on a private sightseeing tour through the highlights of the city. Within two hours you will get to know the most beautiful places, receive a lot of information and insider tips for your next few days on site.

Daily exchange for a travel update with the Local Mentor in the first week on site.
The first days in an unknown place are full of surprises and impressions. During the first week of your trip, you will exchange your experiences, worries and current questions with your Local Mentor on a daily basis by phone, voice or text message.